Pulling Toy Cotti

$ 25.00 USD

A washable, all natural pull-along toy for early walkers.


Gaggle of Geese Cuddly

$ 12.00 USD

Attaches to pacifier, includes teething ring, wipes up spills, comforts with softness and stimulates baby with crinkly sounds. Gender neutral. Haba quality and design.


Bucaneer Bill Cuddly

$ 10.50 USD

Perfect shower gift for a baby boy. Attaches to pacifier, comforts and pats dry his chin. Haba quality and design.


Flower Pixie Cuddly

$ 10.50 USD

A sweet little shower gift for a new girl. Wipes up spills and comforts her with softness. Attaches to pacifier. Haba quality and design.


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