About Us

We love toys, as do you and the children in your life. We know kids don't need battery-operated toys to have fun. Kids have their own energy! We are excited to share that our catalog may now be viewed online. Orders may be done by telephone (until further notice) using any major credit card. Come see us in person and discover many fun small toys under $5.00 as well as some very special toys (such as Haba dolls "Annie" and "Nelle") who may be ordered and picked up at the store with no shipping cost to you.


Children can have fun while learning important skills for bright futures - an obvious statement, yet how often we forget and become too serious. At Kid At Heart, we research toys, games, and kits before making the decision to supply each item. Our products carry intrinsic stories (fun) and lessons (skills). Our products from companies Haba, Pintoy, and 4M have won numerous awards in various categories including educational value, fun, and environmental responsibility. For more information on the value of available toys, we encourage you to view websites of trusted organizations such as Parents' Choice or the Spiel Gut (Good Toy) Association. Updates can be made more readily available to you if you would like to join us on Facebook. Simply log on to Facebook (or register if you have not already done so) and search "Kid At Heart and Red Wing, MN." We welcome your feedback - however you wish to contact us. Our e-mail address is kidathearttoys@gmail.com.



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