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$ 0 USD

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Pyramid Blocks

$ 50.00 USD

Educational and awesome! The interior of this pyramid is also true to life. An excellent supplement to a lesson on ancient Egypt.


Haba Ball Track Construction Set

$ 90.00 USD

A beautiful beech wood set. Endless fun and learning for ages 3-8 (and up).


Gumbitty and Pokey

$ 5.50 USD

This cute pair comes in a blister pack. Gumby stands 2.5 inches tall!


Retro Slinky Dog

$ 22.00 USD

Goodbye Toy Story, hello toy store!


Kitchen Science

$ 14.00 USD

Help prepare kids for science class with this kit of experiments using everyday household supplies. Parents' Choice award winner.


Princess Doll Making Kit

$ 14.00 USD


Mermaid Doll Making Kit

$ 14.00 USD


Fairy Doll Making Kit

$ 14.00 USD


Ballerina Doll Making Kit

$ 14.00 USD


The Suitcase Detectives: A Haba game

$ 30.00 USD


Cosmic Rocket by 4M

$ 10.50 USD

Fueled by baking soda and vinegar. Launch again and again!


Cosmic Jet Racer by 4M

$ 10.50 USD

Assemble two balloon-powered cars. Great project to do when a friend comes over.


Cosmic Jet Robot

$ 10.50 USD

Assemble this balloon-powered robot pair with a friend.


Delta rip-stop nylon kites

$ 12.00 USD


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